Section for Arctic Engineering and Sustainable Solutions

Section for Arctic Engineering and Sustainable Solutions

In the Section for Arctic Engineering and Sustainable Solutions, the overall headline is implementation of context in the development of sustainable engineering solutions, because context determines the sustainability of actual engineering solutions in i.a., climate, natural environment, social factors and access to local resources. Development and choice of sustainable solutions must also enable adaptation to foreseen future changes in the context e.g. climate change, resource scarcity and urbanization. 


Sustainable Solutions

The research within sustainable solutions is a development area at DTU Civil Engineering. The research is conducted by  ZeroWaste Byg, which is an interdisciplinary research team. Their objective is ot think innovative and untraditional to  redesigning structures and construction materials towards a zero waste society. Read more here


ARTEC - Arctic Technology Centre contributes  to the building and spreading of knowledge about Arctic technology in the entire Arctic region through research, innovation, education and public consultancy. Read more here